29 Jan

2020 The Refinement Year

Instead of autonomously driving through this year, let's learn some science and increase our body of knowledge to cultivate a legitimate authentic reality.

2018 I retired from my state job allowing me to pursue things that provides more passion in my life. Here just a short list of some:

  • Massage - As a therapist I can helping others reach a more healthy lifestyle.
  • We Walk This City - Get your butt off the sofa and do something, set a goal and I am here to help you reach it.
  • Beef Team - Rancher Dad, Rodeo in my teen years,  beef it for dinner, and why it should be on your menu.

Two years into retirement from a 'day' job, it time to step up and do more than just listen to others bitch and complain about life,  earn silly points going no where fast and not standing up for the core principals that makes changes.  2020 is time to take action, to grow, to educate myself and to get busy pursuing passion.

I am here to make changes.  Hold on to your socks, double check that things didn't shift in the overhead bin before you open it,  things are about to get feisty.

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